Threat-Centric Security Operations

More than a 

Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat Intelligence Platform - ThreatQ

To understand and stop threats more effectively and efficiently your existing security infrastructure and people need to work smarter, not harder. ThreatQ can serve as an open and extensible

 threat intelligence platform 

that accelerates security operations through streamlined threat operations and management. The integrated, self-tuning threat library, adaptive workbench and open exchange allow you to quickly understand threats, make better decisions and accelerate detection and response.



Automatically score and prioritize internal and external threat intelligence based on your parameters.



Automate aggregation, operationalization and use of threat intelligence across all systems and teams.



Improve effectiveness of existing infrastructure by integrating your tools, teams and workflows.

ThreatQ Collaborate


Centralize threat intelligence sharing, analysis and investigation in a

threat intelligence platform

all teams can access.

Gain more from your existing security investments – people and technologies

Enrich Data with Context

Start with the threat.

This means having a thorough and proactive understanding of the actors, campaigns and TTP’s targeting your organization.

Prioritize Based on Your Risk Profile

Prioritize and focus.

Your teams need a way to focus their efforts on what really matters to your organization and have the controls to customize scoring.

Accelerate Detection and Response

Make better decisions and act rapidly.

All intelligence and context must be kept in a single platform to drive shared understanding and rapid response across the entire security architecture.

Collaborate Across Teams

Learn and improve.

With a platform that serves as a centralized memory, defenders can collaborate and improve security operations over time and become more proactive.



Shared Contextual Intelligence

Using The ThreatQ as a threat intelligence platform equips you with a threat library that automatically scores and prioritizes threat intelligence based on parameters you set. Prioritization is calculated across many separate sources, both external and internal, to deliver a single source of truth using the aggregated context provided. This removes noise, reduces risk of false positives and enables users to focus on the data that really matters.

  • Self-tuning
  • Context from external + internal data
  • Structured and unstructured data import
  • Custom enrichment source for existing systems


Combine Automation and Human Intelligence for Proactive Detection and Response

Customer-defined configuration and integrations to work with your processes and tools. Customizable workflow and customer-specific enrichment streamline analysis of threat and event data for faster investigation and automates the intelligence lifecycle.

  • Consolidated view, unified opinion
  • Automatically prioritize based on all sources
  • Continuous threat assessment
  • Push-button operations using existing tools and processes
  • User-specific watch list widget


The industry’s first cybersecurity situation room

ThreatQ Investigations solves the collaboration and coordination inefficiencies that exist across security operations to accelerate detection and response. As the first cybersecurity situation room, it streamlines investigations and improves active collaboration among and across teams. Team leaders can direct actions, assign tasks and see the results unfold in near real time.

  • Fuse together threat data, evidence and users
  • Accelerate investigation, analysis and understanding of threats in order to update your defense posture proactively
  • Drive down mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR)
  • Build incident, adversary and campaign timelines


Open and Extensible Architecture Enables Robust Ecosystem

Import and aggregate external and internal data sources, integrate with existing enrichment and analysis tools, and export the right intelligence to the right tools at the right time to accelerate detection and response. Get more from your existing security investments by integrating your tools, teams and workflows through standard interfaces and an SDK/API for customization.


The ThreatQ threat intelligence platform goes beyond the typical
threat intelligence platform to support the following use cases:

Threat Intelligence Management

Turn threat data into threat intelligence through context and automatically prioritize based on user-defined scoring and relevance. Learn More>

Threat Hunting

Empower teams to proactively search for malicious activity that has not yet been identified by the sensor grid. Learn More >

Incident Response

Gain global visibility to adversary tactics, techniques and procedures to improve remediation quality, coverage and speed. 
Learn More >

Spear Phishing

Simplify the process of parsing and analyzing spear phish emails for prevention and response. Learn More >

Alert Triage

Send only threat intelligence that is relevant to reduce the amount of alerts that need to be investigated. Learn More >

Vulnerability Management

Focus resources where the risk is greatest and prioritize vulnerabilities with knowledge about how they are being exploited. Learn More >


ThreatQ, used as a threat intelligence platform, supports both standard and custom integrations with feeds and security systems. Through these integrations the platform automates the aggregation, operationalization and use of threat intelligence across the entire security infrastructure, supporting multiple use cases, increasing security effectiveness and accelerating security operations.

Threat Intelligence Platform - Architecture


To learn more about how ThreatQ can help you easily implement the MITRE ATT&CK framework within your organization, request a live demo.


On-Premises Threat Investigation Platform

For maximum security, ThreatQ can be deployed solely on-premise, providing you complete control over your data.

Cloud-Based Threat Investigation Platform

ThreatQ can be deployed in various cloud-based environments.

Virtual Instance
Virtual Instance

ThreatQ is available in software only OVA distributions for virtual machine deployment across major operating systems.

Virtual Instance
Dedicated Appliance

ThreatQuotient offers a family of dedicated appliances to meet your performance requirements.

Dedicated Appliance

ThreatQ can be deployed in a secure, air-gapped environment to protect your systems and data as well as meeting any compliance requirements.

ThreatQ Open Exchange

Integrate your existing security solutions within a single threat intelligence platform. ThreatQ supports an ecosystem of over 200 feed and product integrations out of the box, provides easy-to-use tools for custom integrations and streamlines threat operations and management across your existing infrastructure.