ThreatQ Data Exchange

Simplify intel collaboration across many teams and organizations of all sizes.

ThreatQ Data Exchange is the best way to enable and manage intel collaboration across organizations or multiple organizations of any size and complexity. ThreatQ Data Exchange makes it simple to set up bidirectional sharing of any and all of your intelligence data within the ThreatQ platform and scale sharing across many teams and organizations of all sizes.

Built on the foundation of ThreatQuotient’s flexible data model and support for open intelligence sharing standards (including STIX/TAXII), the solution is designed for customization and collaboration. This means individual teams can operate according to their specific requirements and missions and collaborate with partners without limiting the breadth of data they want to share or leaking data they want to keep private.

Who benefits from ThreatQ Data Exchange?

Any multi-tiered threat intelligence sharing network where control and monitoring must be available to a global administrator will gain a faster and easier way to operationalize threat intelligence with ThreatQ Data Exchange. This includes:

  • Larger government entities with distinct intel teams and missions that continuously collaborate and share relevant intel.
  • MSSPs that provide multi-sector or geo coverage to end customers.
  • Large or medium-sized commercial organizations with a global presence or segmented business units (multinationals, conglomerates, entities with multiple geo coverage with intel data segregation requirements).


  • An intuitive user interface to easily establish bidirectional or unidirectional connections with external systems.
  • The integrated TAXII Server simplifies the sharing and management of STIX-formatted threat intelligence with authorized TAXII clients downstream.
  • Interactive topology graph canvas that represents all connected systems and makes administration and monitoring simple and easily scalable.
  • Easy installation workflows utilize connection configuration bundles which makes the task of adding multiple connected nodes simple and repeatable.
  • A robust activity log provides the status of connections and details of exchanged data for tracking and reporting.


Learn how the ThreatQ Platform and ThreatQ Data Exchange
can help organizations efficiently share focused and curated threat intelligence.

Data Transfer Using ThreatQ Data Exchange

Data Transfer Using TQ Data Exchange


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