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The Power of ThreatQ

The ThreatQ platform has taken a threat-centric approach to security operations. This approach allows security teams to prioritize based on threat and risk, collaborate across teams, automate actions and workflows and integrate point products into a single security infrastructure.
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Airbus Cybersecurity Strengthens its Threat Intelligence with ThreatQuotient

Customer Stories

"ThreatQ is able to support our threat intelligence and investigation processes — we weren’t forced to change our methods — and they did this with out-of-the-box integrations to our incoming feeds, complementary security tools and defensive controls."

Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst,
Global Technology Company

"Doing threat intelligence is important – but doing it right is critical. ThreatQ is the best platform to help you make the relevant threat intelligence into actionable detection."

Fortune 500 Technology Company

"ThreatQ allows us to offer a richer threat intelligence service, with more context, but also faster. We are now able to continuously deliver cyber intelligence flows tailored to the needs of our customers."

"ThreatQ cut our investigating time by over 80% and reduced the rate of false positives and false negatives by 50%."

"The ThreatQ™ is undoubtedly the maturest tool on the market. It efficiently combines all the intelligence sources that our members can access, and is based on exchange and collaboration in order to analyze the threat, identify attack paths, and define suitable mitigation strategies. "

“ThreatQ automatically associates indicators to an event so we can quickly pivot and determine the right priority. Instead of wasting time on what ends up being 'meh', we’re focused on what matters. ThreatQ has saved us a lot of time – and that’s incredibly valuable as a threat intel analyst.”

- Threat Intelligence Analyst,
Global Hospitality and Entertainment Company

"ThreatQ's customer-defined Scoring is huge. We currently have one false positive per month, whereas eight months back we had ten per day.

- Threat Intelligence Manager,
Fortune 500 Technology Company

“We now have IOC data from trusted sources being sent proactively to detection-only watch lists in various internal security controls without daily oversight required by the team’s personnel. What’s more, because we’re selectively exporting data to the tool specifically designed to consume it, we aren’t pushing massive amounts of data across the network and slowing things down.

— Director of Threat Response,
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

"ThreatQ Investigations enables our team to not only collaborate, coordinate and document investigations, but visually pivot through vast amounts of data to increase the effectiveness of our team and our analysis processes, ultimately providing stronger detections and threat intelligence for our customers.”

- Director, Global Threat Research,
Global IT Services and Consulting Company
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More than a Threat Intelligence Platform

As the cybersecurity industry has evolved, so has our threat intelligence platform. The ThreatQ platform was developed to accelerate security operations with a threat-centric approach. Using an integrated, self-tuning Threat Library™, Adaptive Workbench™, Open Exchange™ and ThreatQ Investigations, threat, security operations center and incident response analyst can detect, investigate and respond faster and more effectively than ever before.

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ThreatQ Investigations



ThreatQ Open Exchange

Integrate your existing security solutions within a single threat intelligence platform. ThreatQ supports an ecosystem of over 200 feed and product integrations out of the box, provides easy-to-use tools for custom integrations and streamlines threat operations and management across your existing infrastructure.

Empower the Human Element of Cybersecurity

Prioritization, Automation, and Collaboration empower security operations centers, incident response teams and threat intel analysts to quickly analyze threat and event data, make better decisions and accelerate detection and response.

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Filter out noise and understand what matters to your organization based on parameters you set.



Automate previously manual tasks to accelerate detection and response.



Improve cross-team collaboration and get the most from your existing resources.

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