Improving security operations with ThreatQ

We created ThreatQ, ThreatQ TDR Orchestrator and ThreatQ Investigations to help security operations prioritize efforts, improve detection and accelerate response.

Our platform gives SOC analysts, incident responders and threat analysts unmatched flexibility, visibility and control they can’t get elsewhere. We accomplish this through providing context and ensuring relevance, as defined by the customer…not a vendor.  

ThreatQ works with your existing processes and technologies to make your people and technologies more efficient. The platform gives security operation teams the ability to answer who, what, where, why and how questions about alerts and threats like:

  • What does this alert mean?
  • How should we defend against this malware family?
  • Is that indicator part of an opportunistic drive-by or something more targeted, and have we seen it before?
  • Can I automate this process?

With ThreatQ, these questions can be answered quickly and with more confidence.

The Power of ThreatQ

Threat Intelligence Management Turn threat data into threat intelligence through context and automatically prioritize based on user-defined scoring and relevance. Learn More>
Threat Hunting Empower teams to proactively search for malicious activity that has not yet been identified by the sensor grid. Learn More >
Incident Response Gain global visibility to adversary tactics, techniques and procedures to improve remediation quality, coverage and speed. Learn More >
Spear Phishing Simplify the process of parsing and analyzing spear phish emails for prevention and response. Learn More >
Alert Triage Send only threat intelligence that is relevant to reduce the amount of alerts that need to be investigated. Learn More >
Vulnerability Management Focus resources where the risk is greatest and prioritize vulnerabilities with knowledge about how they are being exploited. Learn More >


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