ThreatQuotient offers deal registration to its partners. All deals are based on specific opportunities and must be approved by the ThreatQuotient Partner Team. Please fill out the details in the form below for approval.

The following rules of engagement apply to opportunity registration:

  • Registration and the registered account and opportunity are confidential information
  • Only opportunities may be registered, not accounts
  • Registration is valid for 120 days (extensions must be agreed upon)
  • An initial appointment with account must occur within 30 days of registration
  • Reseller agrees to apply its SE and Sales resources to the registered opportunity
  • Only one reseller will be authorized for registration on an opportunity
  • Upon approval, ThreatQuotient will categorize the opportunity based on partner agreement deal type
  • ThreatQuotient will categorize registered opportunities as:
    • Channel Out
    • Channel In
  • Additional Channel In definition – If Reseller brings a New Name Account to ThreatQuotient that is identified as not being an active Account or Opportunity in the ThreatQuotient Salesforce system, Reseller will receive an additional 5% discount on the initial transaction of Software and Support, and on the Appliances and Hardware.


Qualifying New Name Account Opportunity shall incorporate the following:

  • The Reseller’s advanced registration with ThreatQuotient of an End User sales opportunity;
  • The approval by ThreatQuotient’s channel management team for Reseller to pursue such opportunity (registration acceptance);
  • The approval that this registered opportunity qualifies for the New Name Account designation;
  • An appointment with the End User within 30 days of registration acceptance (confirming opportunity); and
  • Closure of opportunity within 180 days of registration (or a mutually agreed upon extension of this time limit).