to Ask Threat Intelligence Platform Vendors

A threat intelligence platform empowers Security Operations Centers (SOCs), threat intelligence analysts, incident response, risk management and vulnerability teams to not only respond to events and alerts, but to also anticipate threats and become more proactive. Here are the top 5 questions to ask threat intelligence platform vendors when making a decision.

best 5 questions for threat intelligence platform vendors

1 Can your threat intelligence platform support commercial, open source, community, internal repositories, structured and unstructured threat data ingestion?
2 Am I able to define custom objects to fit the needs of my organization?
3 Can your customers customize threat data scoring based on their organization’s teams, resources, capabilities and risk?
4 Do I need to pay an additional cost for each bi-directional integration for my threat intelligence platform with all of my security infrastructure including SIEMs, ticketing systems and vulnerability management solutions?
5 Is my data stored within the threat intelligence platform only accessible to my organization or do you use it to create or enhance products for your other customers?


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