Win Big with ThreatQuotient’s New Partner Integration Program


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

Coming from a player who won six championships all with the same team – the Chicago Bulls – it’s safe to say Michael Jordan is a good judge of what it takes to win. And we couldn’t agree more. In fact, this captures the thinking behind ThreatQuotient’s new Partner Integration Program that fosters teamwork and intelligence for coordinated threat operations to win big.

Here’s how.

Most organizations have multiple external and internal intel feeds, security tools, and sensors. This is the “talent” behind your threat operations program. But unless these technologies and services work together as a team and allow you to unlock their full potential – by aggregating data, adding context and relevance, and then utilizing it, your ability to defeat attacks is greatly limited.

Our new Partner Integration Program steps up to this challenge by relying on the open, extensible architecture that’s at the heart of the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform. With ThreatQ, customers can share intelligence, integrate defenses and coordinate response, across all resources and the entire security infrastructure.

ThreatQ’s Open Exchange includes a software development kit (SDK), easy-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs) and a comprehensive set of industry-standard interfaces that fully integrate with the equipment, tools, technologies, people, organizations and processes that customers use to protect their business. ThreatQ allows standard integrations (using STIX/TAXII, XML, JSON, PDF, email and other formats of structured and unstructured data), custom connections and BYO connectors. Our objective is to make it as easy as possible to integrate a solution into our platform so you can work the way you want, rather than forcing you to change the way you work.

The Open Exchange includes out-of-the-box integrations with many popular intelligence feeds for external data, systems for enrichment and analysis, SIEM and log repositories to include internal data, as well as orchestration tools, ticketing systems and sensors so customers can use relevant intelligence to strengthen defenses. Designed to be as flexible and extensible as possible, the platform can easily enable more connections across a broad spectrum of services.

We’re excited to already have over 50 commercial partners and over 100 open source feed integrations as part of our Partner Integration Program. And our team continues to grow.

Learn more about our Partner Integration Program and see a current list of integrations with our threat intelligence platform.



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