What is a SOAR Platform?

Gartner defines security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) as being grounded in the convergence of three technology solutions security orchestration and automation, threat intelligence platforms and security incident response platforms. Various vendors approach SOAR platforms differently, with some focusing on automating processes and others focused on curating the right data to support operations and workflows. Organizations considering a SOAR platform should evaluate options based on use cases and the gaps needed to fill within their security operations.

ThreatQ Threat Intelligence Platform

Regardless of the approach, threat intelligence is critical to ensure a SOAR platform is executing the right actions and using the right data. Data, especially with the increasingly large data sets security teams use, can be extremely noisy. Automate noise and the result will be amplified noise. A data-driven approach to SOAR provides high confidence in the intelligence being used, the decisions that are made and the incident response workflows that are executed. The ThreatQ platform is the engine behind a data-driven and intelligence-driven approach, aggregating, scoring, and prioritizing intelligence so that security operations can operate more efficiently and effectively.

It Starts With the Right Data

Confidence starts with
the Right Data

The right idea leads to
Confident Decision

Confident decision
making can lead
to Automation

The Evolution of SOAR Platforms

While SOAR used to simply mean orchestration, and threat intelligence platforms were solely used for threat intelligence programs and SIRPs (security incident response platforms) were used for incident response, the definitions and use of these technologies has evolved rapidly. The market is in need of a security operations platform to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the SOC. 

SOAR platforms are evolving towards what ThreatQuotient has been building out for years – a “full featured” security operations platform designed to provide companies the relevant, contextual intelligence and automation needed to support multiple teams and capabilities. The ThreatQ platform  helps analysts:

  • prioritize activities
  • simplify triage 
  • formalize IR
  • automate responses
  • enable investigations, 
  • update network and endpoint security controls
  • facilitate collaboration

In other words, a platform designed to support all the SOC focus areas for multiple users and use cases – the Threat-Centric Security Operations Platform offered by ThreatQuotient.

Evolution of SOAR diagram : ThreatQuotient

With ThreatQ serving as a SOAR platform, a company can  unify its cybersecurity infrastructure and components into a single defense ecosystem, allowing them to accelerate security investigations and significantly improve the mean time to respond to cyberthreats. By focusing on the use of the right intelligence, organizations can reduce human errors, automatically enrich alerts for a security analyst with all needed data in seconds, and focus on advanced threats through enhanced collaboration between defense teams.



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