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Julia Weifenbach

Summertime often means vacation time—a chance to rest, relax, and dive into some good reading. But for those of us in cybersecurity, truly disconnecting can be a challenge. It’s crucial to stay updated on the latest news and developments within the industry. To help you keep up, we’ve compiled a list of “must-read” cybersecurity content to add to your summer reading list.

Here are our top picks for the first half of 2024, complete with a brief summary of each. Click on the links that catch your eye and catch up on essential information to stay ahead.


Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting is a proactive cybersecurity practice that involves actively searching for advanced threats and malicious activities within an organization’s network. Unlike traditional cybersecurity measures that rely on pre-configured rules and signatures, Threat Hunting leverages human intelligence, data analytics, and cutting-edge tools to identify and neutralize potential threats before they inflict damage. Read the blog – link.

Automation Webinar

Individual workloads are increasing and manual tasks consume too much analyst time from a team that is already understaffed. Automation is proving to be the key solution to a market lacking the skills needed for security professionals. The ThreatQ automation capabilities combined with over 400 integrations with security products goes beyond enrichment providing solutions for visibility, sharing and enforcement. Watch the webinar – link.



The US Government recently announced that state-sponsored Chinese cyber group Volt Typhoon has compromised multiple critical infrastructure organisations’ IT networks in the US and is preparing “disruptive or destructive cyber attacks” against communications, energy, transport, water and waste water systems. The announcement, which was supported by national cybersecurity agencies in Australia, Canada, UK, and New Zealand, is a sobering reminder that modern life relies on digital networks. From healthcare, banking, and socialising, to energy, water, local and national government – everything has a digital aspect. But while digitisation has delivered great leaps forward in convenience, speed, and efficiency, it has also introduced risk. Malicious forces wanting to disrupt economies, governments, and people, know that targeting digital networks is the quickest route to maximum cross-border disruption. Read more – link.


The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a crucial legislative framework that mandates operational resilience for financial institutions within the European Union. DORA takes hold in January of 2025, and it requires organisations to prepare for and withstand various operational disruptions, including cyberattacks and technology failures. Read more – link.

Industry Focus and Insights

Entertainment and Gaming Industry Brief 

The Entertainment and Gaming industry is not safe from cyber attacks. According to InfoSec Magazine, the media industry is more visible to the public than virtually any other sector. Encompassing film, television, radio, gaming consoles, online and print, it is the arena that provides people with access to news and insights into the outside world, as well as fulfilling people’s entertainment needs.1 In fact, they fall victim quite often due to the amount of users. Learn more – link.

Transportation Industry Brief

The transportation industry encounters diverse challenges and considerations, contingent upon the mode of transportation (air, rail, marine, trucking) and the specific region or country. Here are some prevalent concerns across different segments of the transportation industry with a focus on cybersecurity. Read more – link.

Manufacturing Industry Brief

The manufacturing industry comprises various components, including raw material sourcing, production processes, quality control, and distribution. It involves machinery, skilled labor, technology, and supply chains to transform raw materials into finished goods. This sector encompasses diverse industries like automotive, electronics, textiles, and more, contributing significantly to economic growth globally. Read more – link.

Critical Infrastructure Industry Brief 

Despite increased attacks targeting critical infrastructure, protection has not increased and, in fact, is more tenuous as Internet connectivity across devices and systems proliferates without fully considering its security. Although they have different goals, processes, tools and languages, Information Technology and Operational Technology personnel need a way to collaborate as their environments begin to converge. Read more – link.


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