Taking the Journey with our Clients: ThreatQuotient’s New Professional Services Offering


Whether you’re scaling a mountain, losing weight, or learning to meditate, you rarely go it alone. Coaches, guides, trainers, nutritionists, advisors and instructors are there to help make your journey a success. At ThreatQuotient, we believe you shouldn’t have to embark on your journey to threat operations and management alone either. Because it’s an emerging market and a new way of doing things, creating a threat operations program can generate more questions than answers: Where do I start? What does this mean to me? How can I use it?

Sound familiar?

That’s why we’ve created a new Professional Services team to work with you to assess, design and build a threat operations program to fit your needs. These “coaches” bring more than ten years of commercial threat intelligence experience and over two decades of government intelligence and cybersecurity experience. Together with our channel and managed services provider partners, we offer services designed to ensure that threat intelligence will be operational and optimally utilized within your company. From leveraging intelligence only through automation to staffing and supporting a threat analyst team within your organization, our experts are here to help.

For example, as part of our assessment services we work with you to assess the current state of threat intelligence within your operations from both organizational and functional perspectives. The service includes process, technology, resources and capacity assessment; understanding your organization’s needs and defining workflow in support. The results are a strategic plan and environment-specific recommendations for implementing a technical architecture and intelligence-driven security program for threat operations and management.

We also provide design and operational training around threat intelligence. Services include intelligence operations and platform training, as well as training on how to integrate a platform with the rest of your security infrastructure. Installation and configuration of environment-specific integrations, use cases and workflow training, and advanced product training are also available.

Our threat intelligence experts also provide build and implementation services to create custom connectors between the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform and other security tools and systems used in your environment. Additional development can also be performed to create automated workflows within the platform, set attributes against data sets/feeds, auto-enrich specific indicators sets, or provide specific deployment actions against intelligence.

If you’re considering a transition to using more cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and threat operations, or are finding you need help along the way, our experts are available to provide you with a free CTI introduction. Sign up today!


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