A Guide to ThreatQuotient’s Top Blogs for 2021


We know that keeping up with cybersecurity news can be a challenge. The threat landscape continuously evolves, and defenders must stay apprised of the latest innovations and best practices to better protect their organizations. So, throughout the year, ThreatQuotient publishes a steady stream of blogs with insights to help you optimize your security operations and accelerate detection and response. 

To make sure you don’t miss any “must-read” topics, we’ve compiled our top five blogs for 2021 and provided a brief summary of each so you can scan for areas of interest to you. Click on the links that grab your attention and start the year up-to-speed with information to help you strengthen defenses and mitigate risk. 

1. Preparing for the SOC of the Future, Today? We’ve Got You Covered

In early November, ThreatQuotient announced v5 of the ThreatQ platform with capabilities needed today to support the security operations center (SOC) of the future. In this blog, you’ll learn about the keys to empowering SOCs to work faster and more thoroughly when waging battles against evolving attacks. Understand the value of a data-driven approach, how to make use of that data through an open integration architecture and how to strike the balance between automation and human interaction to improve the speed and accuracy of your teams’ work. New features in ThreatQ v5 are available now to help you modernize your SOC

2. Join us this Month as we Celebrate Women in Cybersecurity

Women are a powerful, driving force within the cybersecurity industry. To celebrate their successes and encourage other women to unleash their full potential, this blog is the first in a series that shares the inspirational stories from nearly a dozen women. Every woman featured, through her own unique way, is making a difference and driving change. Also, in this blog we’ve included a Spotify playlist consisting of songs by women artists and selected by women at ThreatQuotient. It’s a fun way to keep women’s achievements top of mind.

3. Simplify Automation and Orchestration with a Data-driven Approach to SOAR and XDR 

At a time when the shortage of security personnel is a fact of life for every security organization, and SOCs are increasingly focused on detection and response, automation is a key strategy to make the most effective use of the resources you have. ThreatQ TDR Orchestrator is a new data-driven approach to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) that accelerates threat detection and response across disparate systems for more efficient and effective security operations. In this blog, you’ll explore how ThreatQ TDR Orchestrator’s data-driven approach is a significant improvement over the traditional approach of automating processes.

4. Anatomy of a Supply Chain Attack: How to Accelerate Incident Response and Threat Hunting

Throughout 2021 organizations were rocked by a sharp rise in software supply chain attacks, and no sector was immune. SolarWinds, Codecov and Kesaya were all victims of such attacks that went on to impact thousands of downstream businesses around the world. In the wake of destructive attacks like these, executives need answers fast, so they know the right actions to take. In this blog, you’ll learn how to use the ThreatQ platform to help you respond to questions, including: Should we be concerned? How is it impacting us? What can we do to mitigate risk?

5. Learn Why Frost & Sullivan Names ThreatQuotient the XDR Competitive Strategy Leader

XDR is the latest hot topic in the security industry and garnering significant attention. Industry analysts each have their own definition. Meanwhile, security vendors are quickly jumping on the bandwagon, recasting their products as XDR solutions. To help companies navigate the marketing claims and avoid the disappointment of selecting a solution that doesn’t live up to expectations, Frost & Sullivan conducted a rigorous analysis to evaluate multiple nominees for Competitive Strategy Leadership in the Global XDR Industry. Read this blog to learn about Frost & Sullivan’s criteria and process, and how the ThreatQ platform excelled amid a crowded field of contenders.  

We hope you find this top five list a useful resource to help you navigate our breadth of topics and catch up on important updates and information you may have missed this year!


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