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We’re fortunate to have a depth and breadth of cybersecurity expertise here at ThreatQuotient, and through our partner network. And we take great pride in sharing that expertise with you in the form of high-quality, informative webinars throughout the year. 

In 2021, we covered a lot of important topics and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss our top five webinars for the year. Scan the overviews below and click on the links to watch those that capture your attention. They are all available on demand now and in less than an hour you’ll gain valuable insights you can start applying today. 

1.Uncovering A Supply-Chain Attack: Leveraging Threat Intelligence for Incident Response and Threat Hunting Initiatives

Software supply chain attacks that infect legitimate applications to distribute malware to users surged in 2021. When attacks like these happen, access to the details CISOs and their teams on the front lines need to understand if they are impacted and how to mitigate risk is never fast enough. And once details are released it can be difficult and time-consuming to connect the dots and formulate answers. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you understand the impact, take the right actions faster and even proactively mitigate risk. In this webinar, ThreatQuotient joins forces with Team Cymru to educate security analysts on how to leverage our integrated solutions to accelerate understanding and proactively mitigate risk when attacks strike. 

2. Leveraging MISP and TheHive in your CTI Practice 

Many organizations use a combination of commercial and open-source solutions to build a threat intelligence practice. Two popular open-source tools are the Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP) that allows the storing and sharing of indicators of compromise with other MISP users, and TheHive, designed for security incident response. For organizations with limited resources or just beginning to build a SecOps practice, MISP and TheHive are easy-to-use tools to help your teams react to malicious threats. The next step to proactively mitigate risk from the full breadth of threats your organization is facing, is to use MISP and TheHive to create a cyber threat intelligence (CTI) practice. This webinar explores how to do this leveraging the ThreatQ platform and linking MISP and TheHIVE to your security operations to strengthen your security posture.

3. Emerging Threats – How to Assess your Company’s Security Posture 

It’s critical that security professionals remain informed about the latest security incidents and emerging threats, such as cyber espionage (APT10 attacks) and supply chain attacks (SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange breaches). When events like these happen and reports are issued, it is important to share these findings and collaborate with other stakeholders. Information sharing allows for transparency which increases efficiencies and helps evolve your security posture from reactive to anticipatory. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage threat intelligence to assess your security posture, how a cyber situation room can be used to improve communication and collaboration across teams, and best practices for analysis processes and information sharing. 

4. Modern SOC Use Case with McAfee and Atos

As organizations continue to evolve their security operations maturity and the SOC increasingly focuses on detection and response, three capabilities are foundational for success – threat intelligence, integration and automation. In this webinar, ThreatQuotient, Atos and McAfee come together to demonstrate a use case in the modern SOC. Watch this webinar to see how a modern day SOC, such as Atos, incorporates and applies threat intelligence among its many other security tools, to augment collaboration and automation. You’ll understand the necessity of deep integrations between products, and the value added to the threat hunting process. And you’ll come away with an appreciation for how technologies like McAfee MVISION and the ThreatQ platform work together to implement security automation and improve defenses.

5. Building the SOC of the Future

First-generation Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions, Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technologies have helped SOCs wage their battle against evolving attacks, but not without limitations. It’s time for security solutions to evolve as well. We believe the foundation for the SOC of the future is data, which is why it is important to understand the ins and outs of a data-driven approach to defend against evolving threats. The ThreatQ Platform supports the SOC of the future with a range of valuable data management capabilities. In this session that showcases use cases like threat hunting, you’ll learn more about these capabilities, including: 

  • The DataLinq Engine that “connects the dots” across data from all sources including SEIM/SOAR, identity, feeds, cloud, ticketing and more. 
  • ThreatQ Data Exchange for improved flexibility and control over shared intelligence. 
  • Smart Collections that automatically and dynamically categorize data to accelerate analysis.

We hope you find this list of top five webinars a useful resource to help you catch up on topics you may have missed the first time around and gain valuable insights to help you accelerate detection and response. Happy viewing!


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