Join us this Month as we Celebrate Women in Cybersecurity


March is Women’s History Month and today is International Women’s Day with this year’s theme being “choose to challenge.” At ThreatQuotient, we’re celebrating with a month-long recognition of women in cybersecurity.

To kick things off, last week we published a guest blog by Katie Teitler, an analyst with TAG Cyber, featuring interviews with four female leaders in cybersecurity who have been “choosing to challenge” the status quo for years. Katie interviewed Debbie Gordon, CEO of Cloud Range, Dana Tamir, VP Market Strategy of Silverfort, Ellison Anne Williams, CEO of Eneil and Natali Tshuva, CEO of Sternum. In her blog, “What Four Women Cybersecurity Executives Say About Leadership,” Katie covers a range of topics, from why these women think the number of female CEOs in cybersecurity companies is so low, to what it takes to climb the ranks and the unique challenges women face. While all the women interviewed prioritize mentoring other women in the field as the key to creating more gender balance, they also look to other solutions, including understanding the “must have” capabilities to be a successful cybersecurity CEO. News flash: you don’t have to be highly technical. Leadership skills and the ability to identify market opportunities are more important. I encourage you to read the interview for more fascinating insights from these amazing women who “choose to challenge” every day.

Throughout the month, we’ll also share inspirational stories of women in cybersecurity, both within ThreatQuotient and across the industry as a whole. Every woman featured, through her own unique way, is making a difference and driving change.

And if you need more inspiration, we published a Spotify playlist consisting of songs by women artists and selected by women at ThreatQuotient. Check it out here! We think it’s a fun and memorable way to keep women’s achievements top of mind.

The number of women in cybersecurity is increasing rapidly and it’s an exciting time to be part of this industry. Let’s celebrate their successes and do our part to help every woman unleash their full potential!


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