Sweet 16: ThreatQuotient Wins SINET 16 Innovator Award


Each year, SINET evaluates the technologies and products of hundreds of emerging cybersecurity companies from all over the world and selects the 16 most innovative and compelling companies. We’re honored that ThreatQuotient is one of this year’s winners of the SINET 16 Innovators Award.

I joined ThreatQuotient because I believe it is a groundbreaking company. We are reshaping the way organizations look at threat intelligence and empowering defenders with accurate, relevant and timely intelligence they can act on.

Our innovative approach to the threat intelligence platform market is paying dividends. But there’s nothing like third-party validation. In the case of the SINET 16 Award, that validation comes in the form of a panel of 100 industry experts that assessed ThreatQuotient based on market need, innovation and differentiation, the ability to solve real and significant cybersecurity problems, our advantage over other solutions, and the overall strength of the company. ThreatQuotient is among the “sweet 16.”

I’m proud of our team, gratified by the recognition from SINET, excited about the future, and ever-more committed to staying at the forefront of innovative threat intelligence solutions.


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About ThreatQuotient™

ThreatQuotient™ understands that the foundation of intelligence-driven security is people. The company’s open and extensible threat intelligence platform, ThreatQ™, empowers security teams with the context, customization and prioritization needed to make better decisions, accelerate detection and response and advance team collaboration.
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