Spear phishing is an Equal Opportunity Threat


Unless you’ve cut yourself off from all media over the last two years, you’re probably familiar with the hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during the 2016 Presidential election. What you may not know is that the vector the adversaries used was spear phishing.

As ThreatQuotient President and CEO, John Czupak explains in this interview, the recent indictment documents reveal that what occurred was a great example of textbook spear phishing – the number one vector for attacks today according to many reports. In this case, a nation state and individuals, motivated by political purposes, targeted very specific people. They did their homework, conducting reconnaissance using social applications, to cleverly craft the emails so that they were extremely credible. That’s why they were able to dupe several recipients to click on a malicious link. A pretty simple method to do a lot of damage.

In the broadcast John discusses:

  • The fundamentals that could have been performed to minimize the potential for compromise.
  • Tips everyone can use for better cyber hygiene.
  • Resources that can help prevent, predict, detect and remediate these types of attacks.
  • The role of threat intelligence in understanding the likelihood of your organization’s key executives and other employees being targeted.

The DIY Cyber Guy described ThreatQuotient as helping companies “separate the wheat from the chaff.” With a shared understanding of what’s important, security teams can act faster on the most relevant threats facing their organization.  

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