New Research Uncovers Keys to Success for Women in Cybersecurity


As part of our month-long celebration of women in cybersecurity, we’re pleased to make available to you a complimentary copy of the latest research by SANS, “Women in Cybersecurity: Spanning the Career Life Cycle.”

Sponsored by ThreatQuotient, the goal of the report is to help women entering and advancing in the field of cybersecurity learn from the experience of those who have gone before them. Nearly 500 female respondents across eight regions worldwide were surveyed and asked how got their start, gained career momentum, chose their specialty and remain relevant. Their responses were surprisingly honest, which makes the results particularly helpful for anyone within the field.

Here are just three key findings:

  1. Although 22.2% of respondents have a graduate degree specifically in cybersecurity, and 12.3% have an undergraduate degree in the field, most had degrees in other disciplines and credit on-the-job experience (98.6%) and certification programs (75%) for their cybersecurity training.

  2. When senior professionals were asked about their rise to leadership, they cite being in the right place at the right time, their experience and certifications (including staying current) as the top three reasons.

  3. What do respondents mean by “being at the right place at the right time”? Harkening back to RSAC 2020 and the theme of the human element, respondents state having a strong mentor or champion (female or male) is essential (33.8%), along with networking (22.1%) and establishing a good reputation (20.8%) for yourself as vital to moving up the career chain.

In addition to statistics and analysis, the report includes valuable words of advice from respondents, most of whom have 10 or more years of cybersecurity experience, and insights into additional factors that helped them gain a foothold in the field. 

Download your copy of the report today.

Throughout the rest of March, we’ll continue to share inspirational stories of women in cybersecurity. Check out this recent article celebrating Michel Huffaker of ThreatQuotient. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for more articles featuring women in cybersecurity and check out our blog for related posts too.



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