ThreatQ Platform Added to New Cyber Defense Center Through MSSP Agreement Focused on Addressing Present and Future Cyber Threats

Reston, VA – October 9, 2018 ThreatQuotient™, a trusted threat intelligence platform innovator, today announced a strategic partnership with Netcloud, a Switzerland-based managed services provider with a proven track record in designing, building and optimizing IT security infrastructure. Netcloud recently launched its Cyber Defense Center, a collection of state-of-the-art cyber defense solutions selected to meet the increasing security needs of their customers. Through an MSSP agreement with ThreatQuotient, Netcloud has added the ThreatQ™ threat intelligence platform to their Cyber Defense Center to offer organizations greater capabilities for understanding and acting upon the most relevant threats they are facing.

“Like many regions, there is a growing need in central Europe for strengthened security operations and improved threat intelligence management. ThreatQuotient’s technology is continuously evolving to meet customer needs, but our focus on serving this market has remained constant and we look forward to expanding our solutions into Switzerland through this partnership with Netcloud,” says Markus Auer, Regional Sales Manager, Central Europe, ThreatQuotient. “We are confident in Netcloud’s long term competencies in cybersecurity, and that this partnership will effectively serve our mutual customers and offer the highest quality threat intelligence tools available.”

Large and small threat intelligence teams benefit by using ThreatQ to apply customer-defined scoring of intelligence, quickly deploy threat data to existing sensor grids, and cornerstone workflows to focus on time to detect (TTD) and time to respond (TTR). ThreatQ also enables a shared understanding across teams and tools within an organization’s defense infrastructure. The platform serves reactive use cases (responding to events) as well as proactive use cases (anticipating threats, orchestrating and synchronizing threat intelligence across systems), and supports future use cases by adapting to changing business needs. Leveraging an integrated self-tuning Threat Library™, Adaptive Workbench™ and Open Exchange™, ThreatQ has become the foundation of security operations and threat management systems across the globe.

“Today, many companies are not able to handle the rising complexities of cybersecurity by themselves. Even the most skilled individuals and teams can benefit from more efficiency and tailored tools, which is why we are thrilled to add ThreatQuotient to our growing portfolio of offerings as part of our Cyber Defense Center,” said Alain Kistler, Chief Managed Services Officer, Netcloud. “Regular announcements in the media about breaches make it clear that threat intelligence is a key piece to proactively protecting against attacks. This strategic partnership will bring real benefits to security teams across industries that seek to better manage their vulnerabilities.”

Utilizing threat intelligence has become a key piece to a well-rounded security program as it is the engine to power security devices and can serve as the glue between disparate systems. Using ThreatQ to easily integrate with existing tools and processes, ingest threat intel feeds from external and internal sources, and automate the indicator lifecycle leads to the ability to export the highest threat risks to blocking and detecting technologies and significantly accelerate incident response. ThreatQ enables teams to make a significant leap forward in their current capabilities to manage intelligence by automating several historically manual, time-consuming and repeatable tasks, saving customers a significant amount of time and further augmenting their ROI.

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