When it comes to computer security, we must consider the incredible progress the sector has made in recent years. In less than a decade, technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it possible to speed up the defence of computer networks, embracing issues such as proactivity, which are increasingly necessary in a scenario where criminals act to catch their victims by surprise. In such a context, ThreatQuotient stands out.

ThreatQuotient was founded in 2013 to build a tool to make security more manageable and proactive. At that time, there were very few solutions for defenders to aggregate, organize, and maintain their cyber threat intelligence. For example, for analysts working in SOCs like ThreatQuotient’s founders. Security appliances didn’t have flexible or well-documented APIs, and analysts were forced to copy and paste indicators from websites, blogs, email exchanges, etc. into spreadsheets for storing.

“At ThreatQuotient, we believe that threat data and intelligence are the most valuable tools to detect, prevent, and respond to threats” tell us Chris Jacob, Vice President of Threat Intelligence Engineering, ThreatQuotient. “To make use of this, however, organizations need an approach to security operations that relies on a single, systemic security architecture that supports all teams and use cases while continuously improving. Our mission is to support this need”.

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