STERLING, VA., June 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ThreatQuotient, a cyber security software firm, today officially launched to market, announcing the availability of ThreatQ, a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that helps enterprises manage, streamline and operationalize critical threat intelligence from top intelligence providers across the globe, enabling security teams to collaborate and make more informed decisions when responding to cyber threats.

Over the last decade, the cyber security industry has seen an exponential increase of indicators of compromise (IOCs) through sharing communities, open source intelligence (OSINT), and commercial providers. Network and host-based indicators have become the tripwire for malicious activity, yet the industry has failed to provide a corresponding platform to intelligently structure and automate this information for enterprises to effectively utilize it. To address this need, ThreatQuotient developed ThreatQ, an easily extensible, on-premise threat intelligence platform that can consume threat information giving security operations centers (SOCs) the contextual information they need to actively detect or block adversaries 90 percent faster than current manual methods.

“Enterprises are currently lacking the ability to effectively correlate and operationalize the massive volume of threat intelligence data that is readily available,” said Wayne Chiang, CEO and co-founder, ThreatQuotient. “At ThreatQuotient, our mission is to enable enterprises to streamline valuable, high fidelity threat intelligence information so their security teams can make quick, informed decisions and respond to adversaries in minutes, not hours or weeks.”

ThreatQuotient was founded in 2013 by Wayne Chiang and Ryan Trost who previously managed one of the largest SOCs in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). They developed ThreatQ after realizing that enterprises, small or large, and across all verticals, need a threat intelligence platform as a way to help security teams streamline the lifecycle of threat intelligence and empower analysts to make better investigation decisions. ThreatQuotient has partnerships with the largest threat intelligence providers and security vendors in the market, providing customers with integration to and the ability to deploy high fidelity intelligence.

“Having managed several small and large security teams, I have witnessed first-hand how much time and resources are lost by NOT having a threat intelligence platform, regardless of a company’s size. Wayne and I built ThreatQ to satisfy the technical and business requirements needed to help companies better defend themselves by automating a substantial workflow of importing and deploying intelligence,” said Ryan Trost, CIO and co-founder, ThreatQuotient. “When organizations are able to automate these time-consuming tasks, it allows for a stronger defense, but more importantly it allows their cyber hunters to re-gain those hours lost to return to the trenches and focus on finding new and emerging threats.”

“As the threat intelligence market continues to grow, enterprises must re-evaluate how they are applying threat intelligence data to their larger security strategy,” said David Monahan, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates. “With the recent explosion in threat intelligence, security teams are struggling to distill and analyze the information for timely, accurate incident response. It’s great to see companies like ThreatQuotient coming to market with innovative approaches for solving this growing problem.”

One of ThreatQuotient’s most important features is the ability to offer customers an unbiased vendor agnostic platform, allowing customers to centralize and compare intelligence from various feeds and providers to better determine which feeds yields the best value. Since ThreatQuotient does not provide a blacklist feed of its own, it does not infringe on their partners’ offerings. This allows ThreatQ to truly be a single-pane of glass solution, allowing security teams to effectively aggregate, collaborate and deploy intelligence to detection technologies in order to minimize adversary dwell time.

The platform also assists analysts with developing a ‘Rosetta Stone’ mapping of adversary names across multiple sources – a systemic problem in today’s efforts. Every vendor publishes their own adversary names in their feed/reports which results in a single adversary having up to 8-10 different names, causing a significant amount of confusion and inaccurate attribution. Finally, by utilizing ThreatQ’s automated threat intelligence and analysis engine, enterprises can track and build an internal adversary timeline providing situational awareness details across team members and helping answer the pivotal questions of who, what, where, when and why.

About ThreatQuotient
Headquartered in Northern Virginia and founded in 2013, ThreatQuotient provides ThreatQ, a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that automates, manages, and operationalizes critical threat intelligence, enabling security teams to collaborate and make more informed decisions regarding their security posture. ThreatQ is a cornerstone platform for threat intelligence providing security teams with much-needed contextual information regarding indicators of compromise (IOC), attack tracking and adversary activity. ThreatQ enables cyber security teams to be smarter, quicker and respond faster to adversary activity in minutes, not hours or weeks. Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers leverage ThreatQ’s flexible and turnkey on-premise solution to minimize adversary dwell time in order to better protect their networks. For more information, please visit:

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