Supporting the organization Helping Rhinos, which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, is an important mission for Va.-based cybersecurity company ThreatQuotient

Reston, Va. – Sept. 22, 2022ThreatQuotient™, a leading security operations platform innovator, today encourages the cybersecurity community to celebrate World Rhino Day 2022. According to IUCN, Africa’s rhino population has declined by 1.6% per year as of the end of 2021. With this in mind, and in support of the work of Helping Rhinos, ThreatQuotient seeks to bring awareness to rhino conservation efforts and raise money for programs that ensure the safekeeping of the endangered species. 

ThreatQuotient has been committed to supporting Helping Rhinos’ newest initiative, Rhino Strongholds, which follows three pillars: 

  • Protect: Purchasing 40 collars for rhinos across South Africa’s Eastern Cape while also fully funding the pilot for the Eyes in the Sky project, including funding drone flying qualifications. 
  • Sustain:  Securing two additional areas in the Eastern Cape of South Africa for rhino habitats. 
  • Inspire: Opening a school in Zululand by working with local communities. This will provide early education to students between the ages of two and six. 

“We are proud of the strong branding we have brought to the cybersecurity community, and on World Rhino Day 2022, I am especially proud of ThreatQuotient’s commitment to rhino conservation and bringing more awareness to the endangered species. This day gives us the opportunity to ensure the sustained success of their population, which has come to mean a lot to our team,” said John Czupak, CEO of ThreatQuotient. “We ask other industry leaders to join us in supporting rhino conservation efforts. ThreatQuotient is honored to continue our partnership with Helping Rhinos to make even a small impact on their work.”

To date, ThreatQuotient’s continuous support for Helping Rhinos foundation in 2022, includes the sponsoring of Nocry Mzimba, a sergeant in the Black Mambas, South Africa’s first all-female anti-poaching unit. ThreatQuotient has also adopted and fostered four rhinos: Mthetho, Bhanoyi, Makhosi and Mpilo.  

  • Mthetho, whose mother Thandi was saved from poachers, is currently thriving with her three siblings, Thembum, Colinand and Siya.
  • Bhanoyi, has been released back into the wild with other rhinos Zimi and Khula, where the orphanage team continues to monitor their safety. 
  • Makhosi, along with fellow orphan Mpilo, were also released back into the wild, and are still being closely monitored for their security. 

“Helping Rhinos is grateful for ThreatQuotient’s international support and efforts to continue to protect rhinos and their habitat. ThreatQuotient’s commitment to rhino conservation, including key factors that play into protecting these animals like local community involvement, employment opportunities, business creation opportunities and education in local schools,” said Simon Jones, CEO of Helping Rhinos. “We are so proud that this year marks the tenth anniversary of Helping Rhinos, and that we continue to have the opportunity to ensure the health and security of Africa’s rhinos.” 

ThreatQuotient will donate $1 to Helping Rhinos for every badge scanned or business card given at the organization’s booth at all major industry events. To learn more, and to contribute to the Helping Rhinos’ cause, meet the ThreatQuotient team this fall at Les Assises, mWise, AISA, FS-ISAC FinCyber Today and GovWare.

Helping Rhinos is also hosting their 2022 Global Gala for Rhinos today, Sept. 22. To join ThreatQuotient in supporting Help Rhinos, you can learn more or consider donating here

About Helping Rhinos 
Helping Rhinos prides itself in applying an innovative and forward-thinking approach to conservation and is delivering a positive change in the fortunes of the rhino. They will continue to work with passionate and dedicated partners, both internationally and on the ground in the heart of rhino habitats. Their funding will support creative and proven initiatives to provide a sustainable future for rhino. For more information please visit

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