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A signature can provide a lot more than detection alone. Some can also contain a wealth of data that you can use to better understand an attack, the methods the attacker employs, and also the toolset they use. The compound statements within a signature help you detect an object or an event, while supporting information describes what it means when that signature “fires” or creates an event. But you need a way to decode a signature to extract all that context and and the related indicators. Without this ability, you’re likely missing out on additional critical data that strengthens your threat operations and management program.

You may think that all threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) process signatures the same way to extract as much intelligence as possible. But you’ll be surprised to learn that they don’t. Many TIPs don’t maximize the full value from signatures because they view signatures simply as blobs of text while storing them. They lose all the vital context that enables greater insights that can be used for better protection.

ThreatQ stands apart – providing an advanced way to process signature content that turns threat data into intelligence that is actionable.


A “fully decoded” OpenIOC signature in ThreatQ, along with 44 indicators that were automatically found and extracted

Core signature types are automatically parsed, understood and decoded during import. Additional context about the signatures can be added, as well as links made to events, adversaries or any other objects found inside ThreatQ. The decoded information is presented in an easy to consume format so you can quickly understand the motivations behind what the signature is looking for and, more importantly, why. Signature content can be aggregated and linked just like any other intelligence object inside ThreatQ. As an object, it becomes actionable because it can be exported for use inside the sensor grid to strengthen defenses both as a complete signature, or as the indicators that are contained within it.

ThreatQ’s “signature” difference allows you to maximize signature value as part of your threat operations and management.  It’s one of the many ways that ThreatQ is redefining what a threat intelligence platform must be – giving security professionals greater control over the process of turning threat data into intelligence with greater accuracy, relevance and timeliness.

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