How ThreatQ Helps Analysts Become the “Go To” Source for Threat Intelligence


The recent SANS 2018 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey finds that 81% of cybersecurity professionals see value in threat intelligence. But are they getting the full value?

The amount of threat intelligence that analysts have to process is overwhelming. Sifting through the noise, prioritizing analysis efforts, identifying patterns and finding true malicious threats is time-consuming and difficult to accomplish. The next step – using threat intelligence throughout the organization – is even more difficult.

The ThreatQ threat intelligence platform helps threat intelligence analysts quickly identify and understand the most relevant threats to their organization, allowing them to provide different teams throughout the organization with the insights they need to strengthen defenses and accelerate response time. With all teams working together to address high-priority threats, organizations can maximize the value from their threat intelligence.

ThreatQ helps threat intelligence analysts work efficiently and effectively by automating time-consuming tasks like:

  • Aggregation of structured and unstructured data from external and internal sources
  • Normalization of intelligence across feeds to maintain a unified focused
  • Continuous threat assessment and re-prioritization based on an organization’s unique risk profile and parameters
  • Expiration of stale indicators to ensure relevance
  • Dissemination of specific indictors types to various tools in the security stack

The platform also simplifies threat intelligence analysis by:

  • Centralizing threat intelligence storage for rapid processing, tracking and look-ups
  • Enabling analysts to develop and maintain adversary dossiers and track attack patterns, infrastructure and tools
  • Rapidly adding context and priority to existing and potential threats
  • Accurately escalating event and security alert monitoring

With ThreatQ, analysts can provide all cybersecurity teams with the right data and the right reports, so they can take the right action at the right time.

A threat intelligence analyst at a global hospitality and entertainment company summed it up well, saying, “ThreatQ automatically associates indicators to an event so we can quickly pivot and determine the right priority. Instead of wasting time on what ends up being “meh,” we’re focused on what matters. ThreatQ has saved us a lot of time – and that’s incredibly valuable as a threat intel analyst.”

Get more details on how ThreatQ automates and simplifies tasks, so that threat intel analysts become the “go to” source for threat intelligence and organizations gain greater value from their threat intelligence investments.


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