Time and again, when faced with challenges, humans respond with creativity, sharing and collaboration.

During the bubonic plague that ravaged the population of London beginning in 1665, Isaac Newton isolated himself at his family farm in the countryside where he pushed himself creatively to understand the law of gravity. Recently, medical device maker Medtronic made a bold move to share its patented ventilator designs with any company wanting to make them and help meet the demand spurred by the spread of COVID-19. And over the past few decades, through collaboration across the biomedical and scientific communities and public and private sectors, we’ve turned HIV from a death sentence to a chronic condition. People are living long, high-quality lives without fear of transmitting the disease to a partner.

When humans rise to difficult situations, that’s when advancement happens. We see a strong parallel in the security industry. To advance our response to threats, we also must draw on creativity, sharing and collaboration.

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