Helping Rhinos and ThreatQuotient Join Forces to Celebrate the Impacts of Earth Day


“Maintaining viable rhino populations that have the freedom to roam in their natural habitat, when the pressures on land and natural resources are increasing at such a rapid rate, is a constant challenge. There is an urgent need to restore habitats back to their natural state while simultaneously ensuring protection processes are in place and providing a sustainable improved livelihood for the local communities.”

Simon Jones
CEO, Helping Rhinos

In November 2021, COP26, the United Nations summit on climate change took place in Glasgow, Scotland. It was vital that we saw ACTIONS from the world’s leaders who gathered for one of the most important meetings of a generation. There were some encouraging early signs with promises to eliminate deforestation and commitments to net zero – but it is time to fulfill those commitments and not leave future generations with yet more broken promises! 

How can we help? 
Climate Change, The Human Race, and Nature
Our economies, livelihoods, well-being and the health of the planet all depend on our most precious asset: Nature. We have collectively failed to engage with Nature sustainably, to the extent that our demands far exceed its capacity to supply us with the goods and services we all rely on. Our unsustainable engagement with Nature is endangering the prosperity of current and future generations. At the heart of the problem lies deep-rooted, widespread institutional failure. The solution starts with understanding and accepting a simple truth: our economies are embedded within Nature, not external to it.

Protecting Rhinos and the Planet
Increasing pressure on wild spaces from human population growth in key rhino range states is reducing available rhino habitat and severely impacting on natural migratory behaviors. Half the forecast human population increase by 2100 will take place in Africa according to a 2012 United Nations report.

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ThreatQuotient has been a proud charity partner of Helping Rhinos since 2019. To date, we have adopted four rhinos and are currently sponsoring a member of South Africa’s first all-female anti-poaching unit, named Nocry. ThreatQuotient’s support of Helping Rhinos directly enables conservation education programs in local communities surrounding areas where rhinos still live a free and wild life, including the Greater Kruger National Park and the Eastern Cape’s Kariega Game Reserve. This work reduces the likelihood of community members turning to poaching, keeps the anti-poaching units up and running and enables them to keep rhinos safe within their area of operation. Learn more about our partnership here:


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