Integration of Enzoic’s Dark Web Monitoring with the ThreatQ Threat Intelligence Platform enables companies to respond to potential compromise


Boulder, CO January 24, 2024—Enzoic, a leading provider of threat intelligence solutions, today announced a partnership with ThreatQuotient, an innovative security operations platform provider. Through the agreement, the latter is integrating Enzoic’s Dark Web monitoring capabilities to scan for exposure and help customers act at the first sign of compromise.

The ThreatQ Platform provides tools for contextualizing and prioritizing intelligence, enabling security teams to respond more effectively to potential threats. With the Enzoic integration, customers can now tap into the company’s vast, dynamically updated database of exposure incidents. The scanning happens automatically, with any exposures immediately presented in ThreatQ’s intuitive, graphical dashboard.

“User credentials continue to be among hackers’ most sought-after targets,” said Mike Wilson, founder and CTO, Enzoic. “With Enzoic’s threat intelligence, ThreatQuotient customers can fight back and take swift action as soon as exposure is detected. The ThreatQ Platform is already a valuable resource for security operations to become more data-driven, efficient, and effective by getting the right data to the right systems and teams at the right time. Our Dark Web insights serve to broaden the scope of potential threats that can be identified.”

The integration utilizes Enzoic’s Exposure API for monitoring potential user and domain exposures on the Dark Web, enabling organizations to pinpoint when credentials are compromised.  These alerts are dynamically updated, ensuring ThreatQuotient customers can act on the threat intelligence to mitigate damages, safeguard any exposed accounts or credentials, and alert end users as new exposures are detected. The integration does not require organizations to send any PII from their systems, and query data is not stored by Enzoic.

“We’re always looking for ways to strengthen the ThreatQ Platform in response to today’s dynamically changing cybersecurity environment,” said Haig Colter, Director of Alliances at ThreatQuotient. “Our partnership with Enzoic gives us vital insights into sensitive data on the Dark Web, enabling our customers to act before these exposures can negatively impact the business.”

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About Enzoic

Enzoic is an enterprise-focused cybersecurity company committed to preventing account takeover, identity theft and fraud through threat intelligence monitoring. Organizations rely on Enzoic’s solutions to identify compromised credentials, exposed PII, and vulnerable payment card data and act swiftly to mitigate the risk.

Enzoic is a profitable, privately held company in Colorado. Learn more about Enzoic here and connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About ThreatQuotient

ThreatQuotient improves security operations by fusing together disparate data sources, tools and teams to accelerate threat detection and response. ThreatQuotient’s data-driven threat intelligence platform helps teams prioritize, automate, and collaborate on security incidents; enables more focused decision making; and maximizes limited resources by integrating existing processes and technologies into a unified workspace. The result is reduced noise, clear priority threats, and the ability to automate processes with high fidelity data. ThreatQuotient’s industry leading data management, orchestration and automation capabilities support multiple use cases including incident response, threat hunting, spear phishing, alert triage, vulnerability prioritization, and can also serve as a threat intelligence platform. ThreatQuotient is headquartered in Northern Virginia with international operations based out of Europe, MENA and APAC. For more information, visit


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