Birds of a Feather: Collaboration and Sharing within the Exclusive ThreatQ Community

Matt McCormick

Over the past decade, ThreatQuotient has dedicated itself to the task of transforming obscure digital threat data into actionable intelligence. Throughout this period, we’ve earned the trust of our partners and customers, forging strong relationships with each of them. Each team we’ve encountered in the field has brought unique insights, skill sets, perspectives, and ideas, significantly influencing our approach and perception of the ever-evolving threat landscape. Given the nature of cybersecurity, privacy and security concerns have made it challenging to share specific lessons learned from one team with another.

In the field, there’s often a temptation to connect two teams working on similar problems independently within different organizations. Over time, it became increasingly evident that there was a need to establish a community of problem solvers, equipped with the means for seamless collaboration, all while avoiding the strict requirements that can hinder other collaborative efforts. In essence, the goal was to facilitate introductions, provide essential tools, and then step aside.

This vision gave birth to ThreatQ Community. ThreatQ Community is primarily facilitated through a shared instance that each member can access based on their comfort level – either as a Read-Only observer or a Primary Contributor. This instance is configured based on the valuable insights gathered by ThreatQ Threat Intelligence Engineers over time. Partner vendors, driven by a commitment to community engagement, have made significant contributions, and we express our deep gratitude to them. Members frequently turn to one another for guidance and advice on various aspects of working in cyberspace, from workflows to advisories and general problem-solving.

The current community has been carefully curated, drawing in exceptional individuals we’ve encountered in the threat intelligence field and inviting them to participate. Today, we are extending an invitation for others to join through a formal application process. Applicants will still need to go through a selection and verification process to ensure that the community maintains its high standards and collaborative spirit. Our objective is to expand the community, maintaining the same level of openness and engagement, as we work together to drive collaborative solutions forward.

To join ThreatQ Community, apply here.


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