ThreatQuotient CEO to Speak at AGC Partners’ 2018 Information Security & Broader Technology Growth Conference


In one week, the ThreatQuotient Crash will be heading to San Francisco for an exciting five days of events, meetings, parties, and tons of discussions around threat intelligence and security operations. President and CEO, John Czupak, will kick off the week by speaking on a panel at the 2018 Information Security & Broader Technology Growth Conference hosted by AGC Partners.

To be held on Monday, April 16th, the annual conference draws more than 1,000 senior industry executives, private equity and venture capital partners, other institutional investors and business development executives representing a diverse array of technology enterprises. The audience is well versed in the security sector and eager for the program’s deep dive into the industry’s most pertinent trends. Czupak will join industry experts Srinivas Mukkamala of RiskSense, Nir Polak of Exabeam, Oliver Friedrichs of Phantom, and John Watters of FireEye, to discuss the topic of “Signal to Noise Improvement.”

Coming off a record year of delivering the re-architected version of the ThreatQ™ threat intelligence platform, this is a topic that continues to be very important to ThreatQuotient. Our philosophy is that with transparency and customized scoring, you can make sure you’re cancelling out noise that’s distracting to concentrate on what really matters to your organization. The ability to redefine, recalculate and reevaluate the threat scores associated with your threat data for your specific environment allows you to take a more strategic approach to how you use that threat intelligence – deploying the right intelligence to the right tools with greater confidence and reliability. This helps minimize false positives while stopping real threats faster to optimize the use of existing, and often overburdened, resources.

As our Director of Technical Services, Europe, Yann Le Borgne, said in a recent announcement about ThreatQuotient’s participation in the 2018 DEFNET Exercise, “Not all threat data provides the same value, and the ThreatQ platform is engineered to prioritize the most significant threats based on the unique parameters of each organization, leading to more efficient and proactive security operations.”

We are looking forward to participating in another AGC Partners event, and sharing ideas with attendees and speakers about the ways we can improve signal to noise ratios, and other best practices for security operations! If you will be in San Francisco for this conference or RSA and would like to connect, book a meeting with us!


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