The Best of ThreatQuotient (2023 edition)

Julia Weifenbach

Step right up to the ultimate year-end roundup! If you’re yearning for a comprehensive summary of the past year, your quest ends here. Buckle up as we take you on a thrilling ride through a treasure trove of top-notch blogs, riveting webinars, and unforgettable events. From insightful discussions to groundbreaking insights, we’ve meticulously curated the cream of the crop to give you an encapsulated view of the year that was.

1. The Speed of Security & AI 

In cybersecurity, the urgency of staying ahead in the face of evolving threats is constant. ThreatQuotient offers a unique perspective on threat intelligence management, emphasizing the necessity of agility and timely responses in the ever-accelerating landscape of cyber risks. The pace at which threats evolve demands swift detection, analysis, and mitigation strategies to safeguard assets and outmaneuver attackers.

2. ThreatQ Academy Drives User Success and Immediate ROI for Clients and Partners 

ThreatQ Academy tackles skill shortage by fostering staff retention and aiding growth within security operations roles. Its on-demand training via ThreatQ Academy Online offers swift access to the latest content, reducing lead time for up-to-date tool insights compared to traditional training methods. Users benefit from immediate updates and can provide feedback, while administrators track progress through reports and training status monitoring.

3. Birds of a Feather: Collaboration and Sharing within the Exclusive ThreatQ Community 

 The ThreatQ Community offers a shared platform, granting members access tailored to their engagement level. Shaped by ThreatQ Intelligence Engineers’ insights, it accommodates Read-Only observers or active Primary Contributors. Partner vendors enrich this space, enhancing community collaboration. Members actively seek and provide support, exchanging guidance on cyber workflows, advisories, and problem-solving within this dynamic cyberspace hub.

4. ThreatQ Cyber Forum(s) 

Expert Insights on Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Organizational digital risk management involves complex challenges in vulnerability and patch management to combat cyber threats. Join ThreatQuotient’s webinar where experts discuss these challenges, advancements, and offer guidance to establish a strong vulnerability management framework for improved security posture.

ThreatQ Cyber Forum Recap: Expert Insights on CTI Sharing in the Finance Industry

During a recent ThreatQ Cyber Forum session titled “The Evolution of Sharing CTI in the Finance Industry,” Gigi Schumm, ThreatQuotient’s VP of Worldwide Sales, led a panel discussion. The session delved into the strategic, tactical, and operational benefits of collaborative CTI in enhancing cyber resilience. The panel featured industry experts like Rob Dartnall from SecAlliance, Rebecca Gibergues of FS-ISAC, and Yann Le Borgne, VP Threat Intelligence Engineering International at ThreatQuotient.

5. Wrapping up on a positive note, our contributions to our charity partner organization, Helping Rhinos, were made possible thanks to our booth visitors. Every scanned badge at events like Les Assises and FS-ISAC Spring Summit led to donations benefiting the conservation of rhinos.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us on this insightful journey. Your engagement and participation have been invaluable. The conversation doesn’t end here. Stay connected, keep exploring, and let’s continue shaping a more secure digital world. Thank you for being an essential part of our ThreatQ Community!


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