TQ Rapid Assessment

Better demonstrate your security team’s value to the organization.

The security environment is changing rapidly and organizations must continuously evolve to stay ahead of threats with the best mix of technology and human-powered skill. Successful security teams use threat intelligence to enhance their operations, to work more efficiently, collaborate across operational silos, and ultimately reduce risk.

Ready to get started?

Our experts can help you learn how.

But just as threats evolve, so do organizational priorities.

Security teams must consistently evaluate – and confidently demonstrate – the positive impact they bring to the organization using the metrics most important to leadership.

The TQ Rapid Assessment is a short-term engagement with ThreatQuotient’s intelligence and security management experts that provides a quick win action plan your team can implement immediately on:

  • Knowledge Strategy: Institute continuous learning around the types of threats and actors creating the most risk for your industry or organization
  • Stakeholder Game Plan: Understand who needs to know about incidents, what they need to know, when they need to know it and how best to tell them
  • Results Report: Deliver clear, business-oriented reporting with KPIs tailored to your operation that demonstrates your team’s value and make a case for further investment

The Rapid Assessment in 3 Steps

Risk Assessment - Online Survey1.   A short online survey about your security operations and priorities.

Risk Assessment - Consultation2.  A 1-hour interactive consultation with our experts based on their recommendations.

Risk Assessment - Action Plan
3.  A personalized ThreatQuotient Rapid Assessment action plan.

About our Experts

Jonathan Couch is Senior VP of Strategy of ThreatQuotient and brings 20+ years of experience in information security, information warfare, and intelligence collection to focus on the development of people, process, and technology within organizations to assist in the consumption, use, and communication of cyberthreat intelligence. Jonathan has previously served in the Air Force at the NSA and led a 25-member research and development team at Sytex Inc., later acquired by Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Labs in 2005.

Michel Huffaker is Director of Threat Intelligence with over 15 years experience in cybersecurity strategy and analysis. Michel started her career in intelligence as a US Air Force Chinese Linguist stationed at the National Security Agency and later in senior analyst roles as the US Defense  Intelligence Agency and the US State Department. She co-founded the Cyber Espionage analysis program at iSIGHT Partner (now a division of FireEye) where she led program management, sales engineering, and advanced threat intelligence teams. Most recently, Michel managed cyber threat intelligence at MGM Resorts International. 

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