ThreatQuotient simplifies and accelerates security operations through a platform that creates a unified workspace for threat, SOC, and IR analysts to understand threats, perform investigations and collaborate across teams and tools. ThreatQuotients’ solutions reduce noise, highlight top priority threats and automate processes to provide greater focus and decision support.

5 Steps to Improving Security Operations

The right context helps the SOC and IR teams separate the possible from the probable. Learn how to define a process for making better decisions faster, first by addressing alert fatigue to make better decisions, and then by introducing situational understanding to make these decisions faster.

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Improving Security Operations Through Collaboration

Collaboration holds the key to improved time to detection and response, so teams can better address the concerns that permeate the organization when a large-scale attack happens.

SOAR vs. Security Operations: What’s Really Going On?

What problems are we trying to solve in today’s Security Operations Center (SOC)? If you get right to the point, there are many inefficiencies in processes, which result in delayed detection and response times.

Threat Hunting Tips to Improve Security Operations

Proactive threat hunting has become such an important aspect of effective security operations that it is now one of the top three areas of improvement in Incident Response (IR) that organizations plan to make this year.

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Threat Hunting with ThreatQ

Empower teams to proactively search for malicious activity that has not yet been identified by the sensor grid.

Spear Phishing with ThreatQ

Simplify the process of parsing and analyzing spear phish emails for prevention and response.


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