Accelerating Threat Detection and Response

ThreatQuotient regional director for Middle East and Pakistan Firas Ghanem discusses why threat intelligence is vital for enterprises today and how the company can play a role in enabling the success of cybersecurity strategies.

Threat Intelligence: What You Need to Know about It

At BSides Las Vegas, Daniel from ITProTV interviews Jonathan Couch from ThreatQuotient, a threat intelligence platform provider. They talk about automating and aggregating threat intelligence for government and commercial clients.

ThreatWise TV – Cisco and ThreatQ

Join Chris Jacob as he discusses Cisco’s integration with ThreatQ’s threat intelligence platform and highlights the joint investigation and remediation capabilities.

Introducing ThreatQ Investigations (EN)

The industry’s first cybersecurity situation room designed for collaborative threat analysis, shared understanding, and coordinated response. ThreatQ Investigations embeds visualization and documentation in a shared environment for a greater understanding and focus throughout the analysis process.

Introducing ThreatQ Investigations (DE)

The industry’s first cybersecurity situation room designed for collaborative threat analysis, shared understanding, and coordinated response. ThreatQ Investigations embeds visualization and documentation in a shared environment for a greater understanding and focus throughout the analysis process.

Introducing ThreatQ Investigations (FR)

The industry’s first cybersecurity situation room designed for collaborative threat analysis, shared understanding, and coordinated response. ThreatQ Investigations embeds visualization and documentation in a shared environment for a greater understanding and focus throughout the analysis process.

Threat Intel Analysis of Ukrainians Power Grid Hack

Nir Yosha, Threat Intel Engineer for ThreatQuotient, discusses BlackEnergy Power, a step-by-step story about a power grid hack.

Nir Yosha of ThreatQuotient Presents at BSides Toronto 2017

Nir Yosha, Threat Intel Engineer for ThreatQuotient, discusses practical statistics, correlation and scoring of Threat Intelligence at BSides Toronto 2017.

ThreatQuotient SINET Showcase 2017 with Jonathan Couch

Watch Jonathan Couch discuss the ThreatQ platform at the SINET 2017 Showcase and learn how a threat intelligence platform can accelerate security operations.

ITProTV Interview with Nir Yosha of ThreatQuotient at BSides Delaware

Don Pezet, of ITProTV, interviews threat intelligence engineer Nir Yosha of ThreatQuotient to discuss threat intelligence, how to use it and how to coordinate it.

ThreatQuotient Announces $30M in New Series C Round Financing

“We are thrilled to have the support of our investors and strategic partners who are enabling us to continue bringing cutting-edge threat intelligence solutions to organizations around the globe, and accelerate our mission to never stop innovating.” — ThreatQuotient President and CEO John Czupak

ThreatQ Platform Benefits Sopra Steria Security Operations

With the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform designed for threat operations and management, Sopra Steria customers now benefit from a proactive SOC that enables them to anticipate threats. The platform is saving their analysts considerable amounts of time in terms of contextualizing, modeling, understanding and explaining a security incident to clients.

Threat Intelligence In Numbers

Threat intelligence data is all about helping enterprises block or protect against the newest threats. However, threat intelligence datasets are growing steadily, which turns threat intel to a numbers challenge. This presentation discusses how big data practices and data mining can help uncover models for threat actors, attacks and cybersecurity trends.

Back to Basics


In this talk, we will walk through our journey of how we are tackling the daunting task of building a security program from scratch at ThreatQuotient, what areas we focused on first, how we balanced security best practices with our company culture, and the challenges we faced with very limited resources.

SINET Showcase 2016: ThreatQ SINET 16 Innovator Presentation

In this video, ThreatQuotient’s President and CEO John Czupak explains ThreatQ’s strengths as a leading threat intelligence platform (TIP), and outlines its unique advantages over competitors.

Combating Critical Cybersecurity Threats With ThreatQuotient

In this video clip produced by New Enterprise Associates, ThreatQuotient CEO, John Czupak, discusses the founders’ familiarity with the problems facing today’s threat intelligence operators, and ThreatQ’s role in reducing the dangerous time gap that often exists between when a breach occurs, and when it is discovered.

Common Sense Cybersecurity Tips

John Czupak, CEO of ThreatQuotient, discusses how individuals can secure their own IT environments from common cyber vulnerabilities.

The Impact of Big Data on Cybersecurity

John Czupak, CEO of ThreatQuotient, discusses the intersection of big data and cybersecurity and where he sees future opportunity for tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

ThreatQuotient’s John Czupak and Ryan Trost talk with Richard Stiennon

Richard Stiennon interviews ThreatQuotient’s John Czupak, President & CEO, and Ryan Trost, Co-Founder & CTO, as part of IT-Harvest’s 2016 Video Interview Series

June NY Information Security Meetup – ThreatQuotient, Inc.

“Threat Intelligence Platforms – The Evolving Landscape of Cyber Security Operations” with Wayne Chiang, Chief Architect & Co-Founder, Ryan Trost, CTO and Co-Founder.

John Czupak Interview with Nasdaq

Live at Fusion

Live at Fusion with ThreatQuotient CEO John Czupak discussing the new face of threat intelligence

Posted by Nasdaq on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

John Czupak, CEO of ThreatQuotient, talks about the company and the ever-changing landscape of cyber security.

PODCAST – March 3, 2020

The Evolving Landscape of Threat Intelligence

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2020,  the ThreatQuotient team talks about a threat-centric approach to security operations, the evolution of threat intelligence and the issues surrounding it.

PODCAST – September 6, 2019

Threat Intel Sharing Evolves

How advanced automation of threat intel sharing has quickened incident response. Listen to Byron V. Acohido interview Jonathan Couch from ThreatQuotient for a full drill down and key takeaways.

PODCAST — August 19, 2019

Securiosity: Capital One saga continues

It’s been a quieter week as the cybersecurity world, but we’ve got some updates from the Capital One case. In our interview, we talk to Jonathan Couch from ThreatQuotient about the cybersecurity issues surrounding the upcoming Census.

PODCAST — July 11, 2019

Securing Tomorrow, Episode 06

McAfee’s Director of Solution Architects and Principal Engineer, Mo Cashman and Solution Architect, Martin Ohl team up with ThreatQuotient’s VP of Product Management, Leon Ward to discuss the lies and myths of threat intelligence.

PODCAST — April 29, 2019

The Technado, Episode 97

This weeks’ Technado features ThreatQuotient’s Jonathan Couch to hear what they’ve been up to since we last spoke at BSides Las Vegas.

PODCAST — October 19, 2018

Engineering and Sensationalist Reporting

On this episode of the CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute podcast, Michel Huffaker, director of threat intelligence at ThreatQuotient, talks about cybersecurity issues facing the armed services, recent issues in the news and her thoughts on sensationalized security reporting.

PODCAST — August 15, 2018

Why You are Vulnerable to the Hack That Exposed the DNC

Spear phishing is the most prevalent threat to both business and personal computers today. According to the FBI, it is also the method that hackers used to create the infamous hack of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 Presidential election. Find out what you can do about this and other threats as DIY CyberGuy, David W. Schropfer, interviews John Czupak, President and CEO of ThreatQuotient.

PODCAST — July 23, 2018

CyberScoop Episode 2 – The Ongoing Intelligence Fight

Greg Otto and Jen O’Daniel recap a wild week of back and forth between the president and his intelligence community. We also talk to ThreatQuotient CEO, John Czupak, on how his company has grown over the past few years.

PODCAST — July 2018

Magnibur Ransomware Spreads

In this podcast, we hear about the spread of Magnibur ransomware. LabCorp discloses “suspicious activity” on its networks. The Pentagon will add cybersecurity checks to its test and evaluation process. Siemens updates customers on Spectre and Meltdown. Oracle’s quarterly patch bulletin is out. Fallout, clarifications, and more fallout from the Helsinki summit. US agencies continue preparations to secure elections and infrastructure. Robert M. Lee from Dragos on the Electrum threat group. Guest is Jonathan Couch from ThreatQuotient on Dark Web markets.

PODCAST — April 2018

Bring Order to the Chaos of Incident Response and Threat Investigations

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2018, Leon Ward, VP of Product Management at ThreatQuotient, talks about bringing order to the chaos of security operations, as well as the ideas behind a new product called ThreatQ Investigations.

PODCAST — November 8, 2017

The Quest for Relevant, Actionable Threat Intelligence

ThreatQuotient’s product management VP, Leon Ward, says there’s plenty of threat intel — sorting the wheat from the chaff is the trick.

PODCAST — October 17, 2017

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Adventures in Cybersecurity

In this episode, John Czupak, President & CEO of ThreatQuotient, discusses the approach, mindset and key factors that cybersecurity startups must implement to be successful in a competitive environment.

PODCAST — March 14, 2017

Threat Operations and Management with ThreatQ

In this podcast, recorded at RSA Conference 2017, Ryan Trost, CTO at ThreatQuotient, discusses the relevance of threat intelligence, as well as the ThreatQ platform, designed to enable threat operations and management.

PODCAST — February 27, 2017

Not All Threat Intelligence Is Created Equal

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2017, John Czupak, CEO at ThreatQuotient, and Jonathan Couch, Senior VP of Strategy at ThreatQuotient, talk about what’s important to know about the difference between threat intel versus threat intelligence platforms, how threat intelligence changed over the past few years, and much more.