ThreatQuotient Partner: FSG

Each threat you discover is a small part of a larger system created by a human, but that insight is out of your grasp with traditional threat intelligence tools. This is where FS Group presents unique and peerless threat prevention, investigation and discovery products. FS GROUP is a leading Ukrainian company in the field of research and prevention of cyber threats.

  • MORE THAN 7 YEARS on the market
  • OVER 5000 CYBER INCIDENTS successfully solved
  • FS CERT – the first commercial cyber incident response center in Ukraine was founded
  • COMPANY EMPLOYEES – demanded participants of international projects: Innocent Images and Internet Crime Complaint
  • EXPERIENCE: as part of the International Task Force 2013, in the direction of the investigation of hacker forums and services DarkWeb or DarkNet, in the investigation of the activities of transnational criminal groups under the auspices of Europol and the de-anonymization of their members.

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