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Lilian intel471

Lilian Dolgolenko 

Intel 471, Inc. 

Director, Partnerships & Customer Success 

What do you like most about being in the cyber security industry?

In a continuously evolving cyber threat landscape, there is never a dull moment within this industry. What I enjoy the most is brokering a trusted advisor relationship with clients and partners to ensure that we are combating elements of cyber threats as a team versus two separate entities

What do you like the least?

The need for rapid expansion and constant changes in industry standards as well as the threat landscapes generates an overwhelming amount of data to digest and interpret. Due to this, there is a continuous need for prioritization to ensure you are making the right decisions for all relevant stakeholders. 

How did you get into the cybersecurity industry?

Coming from the consulting industry with a financial and technology background, I always had an affinity for cybersecurity. I had an opportunity to explore a position within threat intelligence stemming from my language background. What enticed the change over to cybersecurity the most was the fact that it is a growing industry with a multitude of challenges to face and the excitement that comes from providing solutions to dynamic problems.

What advice would you give other women entering the industry?

Although it may seem cumbersome to enter into an industry that is so fast paced, I have witnessed that all individuals grow with the landscape. I learn something new every day and although I am not the most technical or knowledgeable in the room, a core differentiator in this market is how critical diversity of thought is. Some of the best solutions to problems I have heard came from women just entering into the industry.






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