Va.-based cybersecurity organization continues its support for Helping Rhinos charity in honor of their beloved rhino mascot

Ashburn, Va. – Sept. 22, 2023 – ThreatQuotient™, a leading security operations platform innovator, calls on peers and partners across the cybersecurity community to celebrate World Rhino Day 2023. ThreatQuotient is proud to be a long-time supporter of Helping Rhinos, a charity focused on conservation efforts to help rhinos survive at sustainable levels in their natural habitat. On this World Rhino Day, ThreatQuotient is dedicated to raising awareness of this mission, and promoting initiatives that will ensure the safekeeping of this endangered species. 

The rhinoceros is a keystone species, a giant herbivore whose everyday actions help to maintain a biodiversity that is critical to the survival of thousands of other wildlife species who share the same environment. Without this ‘ecosystem engineer’ the habitat would be irrevocably altered by overgrown or invasive wild flora. Rhinos have been on the planet for 50 million years, but between poaching and habitat loss, their population has dwindled to only 27,000 today. South Africa is home to more than 80% of Africa’s rhino population, where poaching incidents are increasing rapidly.  

One of Helping Rhinos’ key initiatives in the fight for improved protection and conservation is “40 Collars for 40 Rhinos”.  This urgent appeal is designed to fit 40 radio tracking collars on 40 rhinos in eight different Reserves across the Eastern Cape in South Africa. This project is crucial in helping the organization carry out their protection programs. To collar a rhino requires a helicopter and pilot to trace the rhino, and a wildlife vet and support team to conduct the operation at no harm to the rhino. The cost to carry out each rhino collaring procedure is £975.

Another ongoing initiative of Helping Rhinos is Rhino Strongholds. These are areas that provide the best possible security to reduce the risk of poaching and are large enough to allow the rhino to demonstrate natural behaviors without the need for hands-on intervention by humans. Their Rhino Strongholds initiative follows three pillars: protect, sustain and inspire. Specific work includes providing rhino orphanages, anti-poaching patrols, aerial surveillance and other technology, scientific research, local community empowerment, international education programs, and more. 

“ThreatQuotient’s love for the rhino can be felt in all aspects of our culture and company branding. Our commitment to rhino conservation is an integral part of our organization. World Rhino Day is an opportunity to step outside of our day to day business in cybersecurity, and rally around an issue that is important to our team,” said John Czupak, CEO of ThreatQuotient. “I am incredibly proud of ThreatQuotient’s support for Helping Rhinos to date, which has included sponsoring a sergeant in the Black Mambas, South Africa’s first all-female anti-poaching unit, and adopting and fostering four rhinos: Mthetho, Bhanoyi, Makhosi and Mpilo.”  

Simon Jones, CEO of Helping Rhinos, added, “Helping Rhinos is thankful for ThreatQuotient’s continued support of our efforts to protect rhinos and their habitat. ThreatQuotient’s commitment to rhino conservation is making a positive impact on our goals to expand wild spaces in Africa by working with local communities to restore degraded land and create wildlife corridors. We look forward to their continued support along with other industry partners.” 

Helping Rhinos is hosting their 2023 Global Gala for Rhinos on Sept. 30. To join ThreatQuotient in supporting Helping Rhinos, learn more about the organization, or consider donating, click here

About Helping Rhinos 

Helping Rhinos prides itself in applying an innovative and forward-thinking approach to conservation and is delivering a positive change in the fortunes of the rhino. They will continue to work with passionate and dedicated partners, both internationally and on the ground in the heart of rhino habitats. Their funding will support creative and proven initiatives to provide a sustainable future for rhino. For more information please visit

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