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From the board room to the SoC, executives and analysts alike can benefit from threat operations and management programs. ThreatQ™ provides solutions to users across the organization.


The pressure is on C-Level Executives to execute on business goals while maintaining a modest budget. ThreatQ software allows the larger security department to efficiently structure and organize intelligence across the enterprise AND effectively deploy the intelligence to necessary technologies. Teams must be able to justify intelligence feeds, manpower tools and budgets; and ThreatQ provides the ability to monitor your over-arching threat intelligence program in order to continually report progress to executive management.

Security Operations

Alerts flood SOC dashboards. That will likely never change. But ThreatQ provides the ability to automatically push internal and external intelligence to your existing detection tools to arm them against your adversaries. Analysts can now completely control their intelligence to ensure it is working for them and not only being leveraged during “break glass” incidents. The ability for an analyst to quickly triage an event by leveraging the additional context at their immediate fingertips is a key performance metric for an SOC Team.

Intelligence Team

Intel analysts are continually piecing together the attack trajectory of the adversary – collecting TTPs, building victimology/targeting maps, and distilling intelligence from the various data lakes of internal and external repositories. ThreatQ provides intelligence analysts with a team-built collaboration journal as close to ground truth as the team can get.

Incident Response

When an analyst escalates an event into an incident and unleashes the incident response team, it is usually beyond a “quick fix.” ThreatQ offers a data bridge between all the historical context of intelligence from your technology, your team and industry “cliff notes” in a single repository. Don’t be forced to jump into various browsers to manually consolidate that information from disparate pockets of intelligence.

Executive Management

ThreatQ provides the ability to have your technology, your team and industry “cliff notes” in a single repository when an alert surfaces. This is pivotal to providing situational understanding of the severity and impact to the organization. Don’t be forced to jump into various browsers manually consolidating that information from disparate pockets of intelligence.

Vulnerability Management

ThreatQ provides a forward-leaning intersection between threat intelligence and vulnerability management by cross-walking the adversary, intelligence, victimology, signatures and the victim’s vulnerability scan results to provide a thorough and significantly more accurate risk assessment.

Risk Management

The ThreatQ Threat Library has the ability to control the risk scores revolving around intelligence – indicators, adversaries, malware families, events, attack campaigns, etc. – based on your organization’s vantage point. As the analysts gather adversary intelligence to study their attack patterns, they develop an understanding of the attack graph, which decreases the probability of an intrusion, as well as lateral movement helping better manage risk.

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