Customer Success Story:

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Sesame*it Partners with ThreatQuotient to Enable SOC Teams to Work More Confidently

Sesame*it, a cybersecurity solutions provider and threat detection specialist, wanted to elevate their position in the market by providing added value to their customers. By partnering with ThreatQuotient, Sesame*it is able to provide added context and intelligence processing to their clientele.

Learn more about the outcomes:

  • Improved response capabilities to quickly and accurately detect threats
  • Enhanced intelligence processing for better visibility
  • Customized detection based on a customer’s unique business risks


“Thanks to ThreatQuotient and its threat intelligence platform, we’ve created a unique, distinctive solution for network detection, particularly when it comes to the invaluable role anticipation plays in this process. This technological and strategic partnership is really working and bodes well for our respective futures!”

– Antonin Hily, COO, Sesame*it