Are You Part of the 72% that Believe Cybersecurity is Getting Harder?


According to new research published by Enterprise Strategy Group, 72% of cybersecurity and IT professionals believe that cybersecurity analytics and operations is more difficult today than it was two years ago.  

Why? Many organizations are chronically understaffed while cyber-adversaries become increasingly sophisticated and stealthy, launching targeted attacks. Cybersecurity professionals surveyed also point to the struggle to keep up with an increasing volume of security alarms and a shifting regulatory environment. Gaps in tools, processes and skills put them at a profound disadvantage when it comes to understanding and operationalizing threat intelligence. 

Like them, you probably recognize that cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is a cornerstone to a strong security posture. Perhaps you’ve even created your own Security Operations Centers, incident response capabilities and threat intelligence team. You’re consuming, processing, and analyzing CTI, but are you operationalizing it effectively?

In fact, 39% of survey respondents said they still rely on manual processes and individuals to aggregate and analyze threat intelligence. No wonder life is getting harder! This methodology can’t scale or meet today’s real-time cybersecurity needs like improving risk management, automating remediation tasks, or providing data and tools for proactive threat hunting.

So what are leading organizations doing to turn the tide and gain the upper hand in a dynamic and increasingly malicious environment?

Dig deeper into the survey results with Jon Oltsik, ESG senior principal analyst and research report author. Learn his recommendations for CTI best practices based upon the examples of leading practitioners in this area. 

We promise you’ll come away with actionable recommendations that will help you put CTI to work for you.


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Source: ESG Survey: Next Generation Cybersecurity Operations and Analytics, 2017



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