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Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer: Sysdig


Tuesday 29th, November at 16h30 CET (10:30 am EST)


We invite the ThreatQuotient Community to our upcoming Voice of the Customer Webinar with special guest, Michael Clark, Director of Threat Research at Sysdig, who will share his experience using the ThreatQ Platform.

Key highlights from the session:

Sysdig scans for hundreds of indicators of compromise (IoCs) from a variety of sources including their own strategically placed honeypots, data collection systems, commercial threat intelligence feeds, and open-source feeds to enrich and provide context to their detections.

In this webinar, Sysdig’s expert will share his unique perspectives as a customer of the ThreatQ platform while highlighting the following:

  • Flexibility of the ThreatQ Platform to respond faster to the need for integration, detection and reporting.
  • Expertise and responsiveness of the ThreatQuotient team during the evaluation period and beyond.
  • Speed, control and efficiency delivered by ThreatQ’s single tenant architecture.


To learn more about why Sysdig selected the ThreatQ Platform, how they are using it, and the value it is delivering, we invite the ThreatQuotient community to join us. Save your seat by registering now.



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Michael Clark

Director of Threat Research at Sysdig

Michelle Mattear

Customer Success Director at ThreatQuotient


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