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September 21st 10:00am EDT

A Reckoning is Coming: Showing ROI from Threat Intelligence

The discipline of threat intelligence has been part of cyber defense processes within private sector companies for nearly a decade now. Initially, many threat intelligence teams were classically trained intel operators from the public sector, where they were focused on gathering data to be used to thwart national security threats. With the adjustment to protecting against customer data breaches and disruptions to services, growing pains associated with working in a corporate environment were to be expected. But expectations are changing. After nearly a decade of threat intelligence going corporate, a reckoning is coming. It’s time for CISOs and threat intel teams with the support of vendors to start working together to prove that threat intelligence is not a cost center but drives value across all security operations.


  • Think of the threat intel team as a provider of a product
  • Prioritize integration
  • Formalize executive reporting

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