SANS 2022 Product Review

SANS recently had the opportunity to review ThreatQuotient’s ThreatQ Platform, which aggregates data between disparate security technologies to provide a more unified and consolidated system that security operations teams can use to manage detection, investigation, and response. ThreatQ powers XDR, SOAR, and TIP with the platform’s DataLinq Engine to ingest data from a wide variety of sources, normalize and correlate this data, and then help facilitate prioritized focus for detection, investigation, and response  through integration with SIEM, NDR, EDR, sandbox tools, and more.

Learn more about the five key themes ThreatQ’s DataLinq Engine delivers to power XDR, SOAR, and TIP:

  • Ingestion of a wide variety of data and information
  • Normalization of all data (This includes deduplication of data, as well.)
  • Correlation of data to inform security narratives
  • Prioritization of threats for investigation and response
  • Translation of data for both investigations and export to other tools and services for remediation

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