ThreatQ Cyber Forum: Evolution of Sharing CTI in the Finance Industry

Sharing threat intelligence in the financial industry

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Watch ThreatQuotient, FS-ISAC and SecAlliance discuss the Evolution of Sharing Cyber Threat Intelligence in the financial industry to discover how collaborative intelligence can strengthen cyber resilience. In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, financial institutions face relentless cyber threats that demand a unified approach to defense.

This webinar explores the progression of CTI sharing within the financial sector, showcasing successful case studies and the benefits of collective intelligence. Learn how sharing threat intelligence empowers financial organizations to proactively detect and respond to cyber threats, bolstering their data-based anticipatory posture.

Topics discussed –

  • State of the art of Threat Intelligence sharing in the finance industry
  • Community of Interest, private and public initiatives
  • Technical vs contextual and different level of intelligence shared

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Rebecca Gibergues

Regional Director of France and Southern Europe at FS-ISAC


Rob Dartnall

CEO at SecAlliance

Yann Le Borgne

VP Threat Intelligence International at ThreatQuotient


Gigi Schumm

SVP, Worldwide Sales at ThreatQuotient


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