Frost & Sullivan

Best Practices Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for XDR


Frost & Sullivan has presented ThreatQuotient with the 2021 Best Practices Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for excelling in Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

Frost & Sullivan reserves this recognition for companies at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective industries, and believes that ThreatQuotient will emerge as a transparent and reliable vendor that supports security operations aligned with XDR’s vision.

Download the briefing and learn:

  • How Frost & Sullivan define the XDR movement
  • Why Frost & Sullivan views ThreatQuotient as a leading vendor that supports XDR initiatives
  • How ThreatQuotient’s platform significantly differs from other XDR vendors



In contrast to most early XDR offerings, the ThreatQ Platform enables security operations teams to ingest data from a wide array of security controls, whether they are from a single vendor or multiple providers. The company has an extensive list of out-of-the-box integrations that allow ThreatQuotient’s customers to start benefiting from those partnerships in a matter of minutes.

Mikita Hanets

Research Analyst, Frost and Sullivan


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