CyberSocial: Risky Business

High Stakes. High Rewards.

Wednesday, September 9 at 4 PM ET

Forward-thinking organizations are finding that cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and risk management are mutually beneficial tools for grappling financial diligence and mitigation strategy requirements. Security experts and risk management executives can together create an actionable outlook using a more comprehensive understanding of threats targeting infrastructure, systems, and personnel.

But how do these traditionally siloed teams collaborate? What can organizations do right now to use available intelligence to become more resilient and future-proof? Join us for a lively and powerpoint-free virtual panel featuring experts from Verizon, Intel 471, BreachRx, and ThreatQuotient. We’ll discuss:


  • How does supporting risk management play into the evolution of cyber threat intelligence?
How can threat intelligence and risk management teams fuse their priorities and processes to help better one another?
To optimize functions, what advice should threat intelligence teams consider as they provide intelligence in a different manner to risk teams?


Space is limited!
Just kidding, it’s virtual.


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