Buyer’s Guide to Threat Intelligence Platforms

To use threat intelligence more productively, organizations are investing in a threat intelligence platform (TIP). Selecting a TIP is important as it will serve as the foundation for your entire threat operations program, allowing you to understand and act upon the highest priority threats you face, while enabling you to get more from your existing resources — technology and people.

This guide outlines:

  • A Threat Intelligence Platform and why you need one
  • Technology evaluation criteria, including data ingestion and correlation, integrations and sharing/collaborations
  • Business evaluation criteria, including deployment options, pricing models and support
  • Core questions to ask vendors so that you make the best decision for your organization

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Vendor Question List for Threat Intelligence Platforms

This list outlines the essential questions you need to ask a threat intelligence platform vendor prior to making a decision. Use this as a quick reference along with the Buyer’s Guide to Threat Intelligence Platforms.


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