SANS 2021 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey Report:

The past year has been filled with changes to almost every aspect of daily life, and cyber threat intelligence (CTI) work did not go untouched. CTI is analyzed information about the capabilities, opportunities, and intent of adversaries conducting cyber operations. Adversaries tend to operate in and across digital networks and equipment that shape and impact businesses, critical infrastructure, and people’s daily lives. Even with the difficulties that 2020 brought, CTI work has continued to grow and mature. 

SANS CTI 2021 thumbnail

Key survey takeaways:

  • The way CTI analysts operate has changed due in large part to the coronavirus. 
  • CTI is not just for the top 1% of organizations. 
  • CTI tools and processes are becoming more automated, giving analysts more time to spend on higher-level analytic activities rather than repetitive collection and processing tasks.




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