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CyberSocial: Moving Beyond the Cyber Threat Intel Feed


July 22nd at 3:00PM (BST, London Time)

Cyber Threat intelligence can provide tremendous value to an organisation to thwart attackers. Events at home and abroad in both the physical world or on the internet can cause disruption and chaos to organisations which are unprepared. A comprehensive threat intelligence program is required to inform executive leadership, employees and contractors to be vigilant against the latest threats.

In this joint webinar, Cyjax CISO, Ian Thornton-Trump, teams up with ThreatQuotient’s SVP of Strategy, Jonathan Couch, and Stephen Khan, Chairman at ClubCISO and White Hat Events to discuss how to leverage a powerful combination of capabilities to make your threat intelligence accurate, timely and actionable.

Ian, Jonathan and Stephen join Anthony Perridge to look at how ThreatQuotient and Cyjax can leverage their combined solution to provide:

  • Strategic Intelligence Capability for Executive Leadership Decision Making
  • Leverage Threat Intelligence for Internal Organisational Security Awareness
  • Protect and Monitor your Supply Chain of Partners and Key Customers

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Anthony Perridge

VP International, ThreatQuotient

Anthony is VP of International for ThreatQuotient, he leads all aspects of international sales and business development. Before that Anthony worked as Sales Director for Sourcefire and then Cisco.


Yann Le Borgne

Jonathan Couch

SVP Strategy, ThreatQuotient

Jonathan utilizes his 20+ years of experience in information security, information warfare, and intelligence collection to focus on the development of people, process, and technology within client organizations to assist in the consumption, use, and communication of cyber threat intelligence.


Ian Thornton-Trump

Chief Information Security Officer, Cyjax

Ian, CD, is an ITIL certified IT professional with 25 years of experience in IT security and information technology. His research and experience have made him a sought-after cyber security consultant specializing in cyber threat intelligence programs for small, medium and enterprise organizations.


Stephen Khan

Chairman at ClubCISO and White Hat Events

Stephen is an information risk and cyber security practitioner, and international speaker with 20+ years of experience in technology & business centric roles working for global firms across financial services, healthcare, and defence. Stephen is chairman of ClubCISO and White Hat Events, as well as an advisory board member of the Research Institute for Socio Technical Cyber Security (RISCS).

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