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Voice of the Customer: EDF


In this Voice of Customer webinar from April 2022, dedicated to our ThreatQuotient’s community, Thomas Burnouf, SOC Manager of EDF (Electricity of France) shares with you his ThreatQ’s Experience.

Key highlights from the session:

The creation of a cyber threat anticipation center within EDF’s security operations has enabled the organization to evolve the group’s overall defense posture from one of reactive response (Detection = Response) to one of anticipation (Real-time adaptation of the defense according to intelligence).

The benefits:

  • The ThreatQuotient platform within EDF’s SOC has first of all allowed the distinct operating and hierarchical teams that are EDF’s SOC and CERT to have a collaborative threat management tool that has optimized traceability compared to previous practices that were manual and time consuming.
  • From an automation perspective, the addition of new threats to the SOC monitoring is now automated via the ThreatQ platform which becomes the central threat memory and the platform automatically transfers important data to the detection tools.
  • The move from manually adding information to multiple tools to a single tool has also drastically reduced the “human” errors that were inevitable and sometimes difficult to trace back to the origin of the error (also in time).


EDF has been able to improve its management of the threat level, and therefore to adapt the security posture according to a scoring of the threat intelligence (whether internal or external intelligence sources).



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Thomas Burnouf

SOC Manager at EDF (Electricity of France)


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