Threat Hunting & Incident Response Webinar

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 11:30am CST

With the ever-evolving cyber security landscape, it is becoming more and more difficult for teams to stay ahead of emerging threats and actors. Disparate ecosystem tools, workflows, and enough “single panes of glass” to outfit an entire building mire security teams who try to simplify and streamline incident response and threat hunting.

Join ThreatQ as we dive into uncovering how security teams can help fill that missing link between threat intelligence and security tools, and enable multiple teams to collaborate on the same set of data without stepping on each others’ toes. We will be discussing how to:


  • Identify incidents through prioritized threat intel and indicators on your network
  • Launch a coordinated investigation involving multiple teams within your SOC
  • Hunt for threats by leveraging the Threat Library for intelligence-fueled hypothesis investigation


   Hosted by: Danil Panache, Threat Intelligence Engineer


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