From Sun Tzu to XDR

2500 years of threat intelligence

Thursday 28th October at 3:00 pm BST

Since military strategist and philosopher, Sun Tzu, wrote The Art of War 2500 years ago his tactics have been applied to various disciplines from sports to business. The principles are especially applicable to the cyberspace and extended detection and response (XDR). They cover knowing yourself and the enemy (extend), calculations (detection) and the dissemination of information (response). Furthermore, anticipation is a key tactic in The Art of War and the book emphasises the importance of intelligence. Threat intelligence is critical to security operations teams, as well as Sun Tzu’s army.

In this webinar we will map Sun Tzu to the modern world. While talking about principles of warfare, we will demonstrate how threat intelligence can assist detection and response teams. This includes:

  • The process of using threat intelligence across different tools, levels and relationships to provide context and make information helpful for teams
  • Investigating events coming from multiple sources to identify broader campaigns
  • The importance of threat intelligence in an XDR architecture

The Presenters

Anthony Perridge

VP International

Syed Kaptan

US Threat Intelligence Director 


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