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"The integration capacities are numerous and easily integrated. The platform is simple to use. The ThreatQ platform is the most stable we have tested on the market."

"ThreatQ is a great Threat Intelligence Platform for Security Operations Centers that are looking to develop an advanced cyber threat intelligence capability."

"'Doing’ threat intelligence is important – but doing it right is critical. The ThreatQ TIP is the best platform that will help you make the relevant threat intelligence into actionable detection."

"Working with ThreatQ is a phenomenal experience with a lot of ups and very few downs. They are knowledgeable, professional, and focused on creating effective solutions for their clients. "

“They are extremely responsive and easy to work with. I've pinged them with lots of questions and support needs over the years and they are quick to respond and work with me.”

"Their team is dedicated to addressing operational needs and further advancing the functionality of the application."

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